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Production Ready, Enthusiasts, Concepts and Production Notes

Within the open source hardware domain, there is a wide range of approaches, everything from conceptual designs, not far from the lunchtime napkin, all the way to production ready. Granted, a full blown design with gerbers, bom, avl, mechanicals, production notes, including pick/place targets is easy to spot, just as scans of ideas off napkins or notebooks, its really the projects in the middle that are hard to make the call upon.

Granted, if one is going to build 1, or perhaps a hundred, pick/place targets are likely not of great value, but production notes often are.. and often times, they are the most critical. Ie, things like ferrite beads, and the key role proper temperature profiles play, or perhaps issues like potting, and how to prevent it from migrating into the connectors etc.

And production is really where the rubber meats the road so to speak. Back in my contract manufacturing days, it was often said, most anyone can build one, the challenge is building volume, and indeed that is all too true. It could be production tooling, calibration, test selects, final test, qualification, rework, common failure modes, or any number of factors. A few pages of notes can make the difference between great success, or huge frustration and potential failure.

Thus, as I start posting designs, I will be sure to include production notes, even things that should be obvious, ie the ferrite bead issue is just one of many.