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Leadership Analysis

I always seems to find the challenges, or as open desktop mechanic states, doing things just this side of impossible. Well, now the fun begins.

I get to analyze an organization for operational and leadership effectiveness. Granted, years back I did industrial consulting on the tech side, and being exposed to a multitude of businesses, does give me a unique view. Its often said, that tech problems are easy, the tough part is how to appropriately manage them.

Thus, its time to get the books out, do some digging, and refresh my mind of how to go about this. Initially, I thought of 360 degree feedback, as that was sort of the buzzword years ago. Yet, finding appropriate forms, and the ability to interpret such data, when one is not totally up to speed, can give less than valid results.

As such, I’m going the old and simple way. Observation and reporting as a third party outsider. Since I won’t be privey to all the details, its a bit harder than if I were an insider. Yet, the lack of bias, is probably what this organization really wants, as contrasted with a rose colored glasses, or a half empty approach.

Thus, its leadership checklist time.