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Pushing the Fader is like Rubbing a Gumby on Concrete

A funny comment as concerns the pot feel on an Alesis 1622… having played with one years ago, yep, that about sums it up too. Sadly, if Alesis had wanted to, they probably could have had premium feel, but instead let economics dictate over good judgment. Of course, not being in the designers chair, it might well have been they didnt have any margin left to improve the feel… but I’m sure it was one of those things that caused many a heated meeting during the design process.

Ultimately though, user experience or not, the unit suffered reliability problems. Granted everyone early on was going egads, this is not going to work, despite the fanfare, and testing they tried to put it through. I remember the cigar ash and beer mixture they poured on one while it was running to dispel user perception of a lack of robustness. The thing is… even mil grade pots are screened today, the technology of screening substrates with resistive material, and getting 50,000 plus life cycles is not unusual, if not even more. Realistically, the technology to do such is not all that new either, so Alesis was likely correct from a tech point of view… but ultimately something did go seriously wrong with their implementation.