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Finale Notepad is $10, but the 2008 version is still free

I’ve been playing around with notation software a bit, and actually found Finale’s Notepad to be pretty cool… and then my pc did a crash and burn. As such, in the process of bringing it back to life, I found my backups of the programs was lacking in a huge way… thus time to go and redownload as much as I could still find.

Its cool that the link to Notepad 2008 still exists on Finales website, and you can get the serial number too. Sadly the file download didnt work, but a bit of googling, and I found np2k8win.zip on a number of filing sharing sites. Of course, such is a bit of a pig in a poke, who knows what might be mixed in with it… so either spend $10 for Notepad 2011, or cross your fingers and run antivirus/malware checks on what you download for free. Either way, Finale Notepad is a way cool program.

For more power, Printmusic really rocks, as it can scan in print sheet music with really decent accuracy. If one adds a microphone, it will also allow you to go from audio direct to notation… a feature I think is cool, albeit dangerous lol. I haven’t tested it, but the cool factor may take me there in the future.