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It dont mean a Thing if it aint got that Swing

Yep, here it is, Duke Ellingtons 1943 version of It dont mean a Thing if it aint got that Swing. Swing, if done well is amazing, if not, it really comes across poorly. An interesting exercise is to take a good listen to Frank Sinatra singing Summer Wind. He really nails it. Then after a few pass listening, try to sing it, and capture the swing… yep, even for a bass player.

Next, run over to singsnap, and give a listen to a wide variety of folks trying to sing Summer Wind karaoke. Some absolutely nail it, and others, rather than getting the triplets right, either head towards eight notes, or doted eighth sixteenths.

Nashville Notation, Circle of 4ths, 5ths, MS-Excel

I made up some new business cards, and thought it would be a good idea to put something useful on the backside. Over the years, I’ve experienced Nashville Notation many a time, although realistically, each person who has given me such a cheat sheet has called it something different. As such, I sat down with MS-Excel for a bit and created a table… and then got thinking a bit more, and tied in the circle of 5ths/4ths with it as well with the following result.


In addition, here is the actual Excel spreadsheet. Its free for anyone to use as they see fit, albeit a link back here to my blog is appreciated.