EMC Electronic Music Corporation Info Requested

EMC made some interesting gear during the 70’s… and had something truly amazing, a lifetime guarantee! Of course being they went out of business prior to 1983 the lifetime part ended up being pretty short.

The S300 Guitar Amp had the following specs:Image

  • 125 Watts RMS
  • 5 band EQ
  • Reverb
  • Portable.. yep, it only weighed 90lbs!


EMC was located at

21819 Royalton RdImage

Cleveland, OK

Per google maps, the current building at that address is huge. Either they were really that big, or they just rented a portion of said building.



Beyond the S300, they also had a G200 and a line of PA systems.

In my first band, we had a EMC Gemini PA system, it was a 6 channel unit, and it had to 2 columns with 4 eight inch speakers in each one. It sounded ok, but when we paired it up with some homemade clones of a Peavey SP3, it could really rock.





Granted, such a unit was of no comparison to the next group I was in where we had 4000Watts triamped, and 4 speaker columns reaching nearly 15 feet high… yet, for the average bar or small club, the Gemini did a super great job.

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  1. I have a EMC PA600 and can find no info on it.The unit is pretty big with 2 towers holding 2 15s in each and 2 big horns and a big amp board

  2. hi iam writting from canada a lol hay i just bought a emc aries amp and i would like to no if you have any info at all thanks ps sounds sweet model 3183

  3. I’ve been trying to get some offline info out of Cleveland. So far no success, but I will keep at it. I’m hoping to track down some ex-employees, even if they are grey haired now, they could provide some really cool input.

  4. My neighbor just gave me his EMC PA350, it also comes with two cabs which appear to have one 15″, two 10″s and a horn you can turn on/off. 6 Channels I believe. Hooked it up last night for the first time and had my band mate play keys/synth through it, the EMC performed great, sounds killer and gets very loud with lots of bass response without being too farty. The reverb on it is OK at lower volumes but clangy if you turn it up. Finally we have a PA that can keep up with my guitar setup which consists of a Sunn Beta Lead through a Sunn 4×12 and a Music Man Sixty-Five with 1X15 MM cab. I play with lots of fuzz/distortion through my space echo and my synth player has never had a rig that could keep up with me. So excited to really be able to hear him even while my gear is cranked!!! We did run into one problem where the thing wouldn’t power up after moving it to a different outlet. I thought the two prong power cord might be loose on the plug so I pushed it down hard on the outlet and sparks started shooting out of the end of the plug but then it worked just fine 🙂 I suspect the power cord needs to be re-terminated, hopefully I can find somebody who can install a grounded plug.

  5. I have stumbled across an EMC amp! It says S110. It has two speakers.It is black and white.2 input/outputs, 8 knobs,and 2 light switches and a red light. The front of the speakers, has vertical black columns, maybe 6. it says 300 watts too… It was a very quick gander. I think it is a tube amp… I can not seem to find any pics or info on this amp. Any info would be awesome!

  6. I’m still looking… I thought perhaps I could find some listings in the Cleveland Times Plain newspaper, such that a name or two might show up. Sadly, they are way behind the game as far as digitizing old copy. Alas, I shall keep looking. 🙂

  7. Hi, Ron: I used to work at EMC. Their first place was in Wickliffe, Ohio. At one time most of our band worked there. I played drums, and assembled/tested cabinets. Al Globokar played guitar and did testing, too. And Michael Marinucci, singer, worked there, too. I think I have a few old mainboards around somewhere; I don’t recall if they are guitar or PS amp boards, though. All in all everything they built was pretty darned good. Our main competition back then was Peavey, which was just starting out. I believe the place would have lasted much longer if they had backed a name band with equipment, but for whatever reason they didn’t. One of the two owners played sax, and for a while he was working on an electronic unit that would play an octave above or below what was being played, although I don’t know if they ever sold any. EMC was one of the first places to make electronic amps using MOFSETS in the preamp section. I fondly recall hooking up an 8 inch speaker to a bass 400 amp and strumming the guitar….. quite amazing how it would dance before it went up in smoke. Nice seeing people still talking about the old EMC’s, and even more astounding that there are still some around. I guess it shows how well they were made. They used custom wound Eminence speakers for most everything, but worked well with better speakers of the correct ohms. Get back when you get the chance. later…. John

  8. A PS about EMC stuff: The electric cord was just a two prong, which was common back then. There was a sticker on the amp, or a card on the cord that instructed you to unplug the cord, turn it 180 degrees and plug it back in if you had “hum” when it was turned on. It shouldn’t be too difficult to install a three-prong cord. Just install the cord in a way that gives the least amount of hum; make note of which side of the plug/cord was in the “long” slot of the receptacle, wire the new cord the same way, then crimp on a ring-type connector to the ground wire on the cord and fasten it under one of the metal chassis screws on the inside.

  9. Wow, thanks for some great info! If by chance you have any literature or photos, I’d be glad to scan them in and publish them. It is so cool to connect up with you here!

    As far as the 3 prong conversion goes, it probably would be good to add in a phase reversal switch, being wiring polarity can be pretty random. If by chance anyone knows who made the rocker switches, perhaps we can find a 3 way, such that it could handle the on-off-on polarity switching common in more contemporary amps. I’d be more than willing to write something up, but not knowing who the OEM switch manufacturer was, its a bit of a big in a poke as far as ease of swapping goes. (ie rocker switches can vary a lot in physicial size and mounting configuration).

  10. Hi, Ron: I was just thinking of old bands and thought of EMC, so I decided to do a search, which is how I found your site. As for the literature and such, I found a site which has some so I signed up for the forum there which, I assume, is needed to see the stuff. Here’s the web addy: http://www.vintaxe.com/catalogs_ampgear_emc.htm As soon as the Admin. there gets back to me and activates my submission, I’ll download them and send you copies if you’ll let me know where to send them; but, lets make sure I can get them first. Who knows…. maybe there’s some people or other stuff there you might be interested in. I’ll let you know asap when I hear from them.

    For the rocker switches, I just wrote that to make it relatively easy for someone to wire in a 3-prong cord for a bit of extra safety. Yes, you’re correct….sometimes recept wiring is a cap shoot, especially in older buildings. On the other hand, I doubt there’s many people with EMC’s that would be interested. However, it would be easier to mount a common toggle switch than it would be a switch similar to the ones used on the OEM amps (round hole versus a rectangular one). I believe a standard double pole, double throw 120Volt 6amp would do the trick. As mentioned, when I hear something I’ll let you know. Later. John

  11. PS: By the way, I’m now living in northern Wisconsin, but I grew up in Willowick, East of Cleveland. I played in two local bands until I was 18, then we moved our band down to Flori-DUH. We did pretty good for a couple of years, doing the 2nd West Palm Beach Music Festival & the Atlanta Music Festival. We opened up for Mountain twice, and also for Jethro Tull, plus many other bands getting started back then (1970 thru 1972). Long story…….

  12. Hello again, Ron: Well, I was contacted by the site owner I mentioned above. I signed up for the forum, which is free, but in order to access the other parts of the site (RE: the EMC catalogs/brochures) it costs $10.00, which I just can’t afford right now. It might be a couple of weeks or so, but when I’m able to join I will, and I’ll download what we’d both like to see. I can’t blame the guy, as I’m sure it took/takes lots of time and effort…. and a bit of money…. to keep his site up and running.
    So, ’till then….. I’ll check back from time to time to see if there’s anything new posted, or you can email me at my yahoo addy.

  13. Hi folks, if you do publish some EMC info, I’d love a link to it. I have an old B400 head in my basement, along with a cabinet. I’d like to know more about them!



  14. Hi, Dave: As can be seen in the post, above (#10), there are some old brochures available to look at, but I haven’t yet joined so I can download them to look at. What type of info are you looking for? John

  15. …. by the way, I did find I have some of the PA250 power boards and pre-amp boards, and what I believe are the matching power transistor/heat sink combos. Back when I worked there I was going to use them to build a nice stereo amp, but I never was able to get the schematics to finish the project. Now, I’d have to find a similar amp and just copy what I see…. but I doubt I’ll find anyone who’d be willing to part with one just for me to look at. If/when I get the time I’ll try to track one down and see what happens. If nothing else, I might just wind up selling what I have to a place that does repairs. Damn…. I’d really like to build that amp!!

  16. Can anyone tell my anything about the EMC 6200 amplifier? What it might be worth? Where can I find a manual/information about this amplifier?


  17. I have an old EMC G450 Guitar Head with the “spectrum Control” !! Looking for info or user manual for it! It still works great!

  18. I have an emc gemini that i have owned for 30 years now. It has been sitting in my closet for a good 20 of those. It needs a fuse cap, but has everything else. It fires up an still plays pretty nice, once you get past the crackles and the LOUDDDD pop when it turns on. So, bottom line, i am going to toss it unless someone wants to give it a good home. I will wait a few months, thensadly, i must say goodbye. Ah 30 years, where have you gone! 😉

  19. hey guys my buddy just gave me 4 emc pa cabs 3 of them say model 408 and have 2×15’s with a horn and 2 of them have 4×12’s can anyone give me any info on these?? I had no idea they were that old..I gave him $700.00 for them do you think this was fair??? thanks guys-Buckley

  20. I recently aquired an EMC 350 PA head with 4 matching speaker cabinets that appear to have two 12s in each cabinet. It looks superb. I too am looking for info on this as well as a value. I picked it up for $20.00 at an auction. I need to pick up some speaker cables for it so I can test the cabinets. The head powers on just fine when I plug it in, but beyond that, I have no idea if it works.

  21. Cool to find this…I have the exact PA this OP talks about; an EMC Gemini Head with 2 4×8″ columns. Bought it back in 2004 from a fire department yard sale in Pennsylvania. Even has the factory covers for the columns and head…the fire chief said they bought it new and used it to call the bingo games until I purchased it.

    Anyhow, I used it all throughout highschool in rock bands, and have been using the PA for monitors and a monitor amp nowadays…The head itself is nice and crisp/loud, but the 4×8″ columns get fuzzy if you try and push the head too far, perfect for monitors however.

    Actually talking the head into the shop this week to have a 3 prong added, and the death cap/polarity switch taken out (took me long enough eh?). Gotta make sure it has a clean bill of health before my band plays a night at a bar next week!

  22. I have an emc Gemini Pa system I have owned it since new. It quit on me a few months ago. It just hummed and popped when I powered it on. Sent to a shop for repairs. They replaced some filter pods said it was good to go. When I picked it and tested in their shop it would shock you and fried the sales reps Ipod he plugged into it. Now they don’t know whats your with it. It was tested without the cabinet cover on. Could really use a Schematic diagran for this unit it is a 300 watt pa head. Contact me with any info you have! Thank you in advance for your reply. swinglebutch@Hotmail.com

  23. I recently acquired a emcg350 guitar head. I know nothing about it. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

  24. I will be getting a non working EMC Gemini Pa head back from the shop and they said they would be replacing it with a Peavey XR600e model if I pay the $109.00 repair bill time and material for working on the EMC. The Peavey is a 130watt power head. Is this a good deal or not? Iam not sure what the EMC Gemini Pa head was rated at anyone have any idea? One thing for sure the EMC sure could drive some great sound through it. I may be letting it go for parts cabinet and unit where in excellent condition no rust no damage to the cabinet perfect (except it no longer works). Any feed back would be appreciate please contact me through my e-mail swinglebutch@Hotmail.com THANK YOU

  25. I have an EMC PA350 that I have kept since 1980’s. Probably last used in 1985. There are two Peavy Towers that go with it. I am going to sell it and Googled it to see if I could get any information on it. Think I might give it to some kids if there is any interest

  26. i have an EMC Aries 2×12 combo amp and would love some info on it. any way to tell what year it is from? what impedance does the amp handle since i need to replace the blown/unmarked speakers? it sounds loud and clear… maybe a bit shrill and white-noisy at times but it has a huge and incredible reverb as well as a very intense pulsing vibrato. great looks too. much taller than a twin and more square shaped with it’s 2 offset 12″ speakers. nice to hear from a former employee of this rather obscure but cool american company. any good stories you can remember from the EMC days?

  27. I have EMC B200 bass amp. I would really like to know if anyone knew how much they’re worth or going for because I can’t find anything on the internet about them. if anyone knows please email me at hsnyder1116@drakestate.edu.

  28. I just bought an EMC 215 cabinet yesterday. The original speakers were replaced with Carvin PS-15’s. Sounds great. Two questions: when was this cabinet made (circa) and what speakers might have been in there originally. I’ll send pics to anyone who wants to see. I don’t think this link handles pictures. email: doppdopp@aol.com
    Thanks, John

  29. My husband owns an EMC G250 amp. We are looking for someone in the Springfield, MA area who can repair it. It makes a static noise when he turns it on. Anyone know where we can get a manual too? I bought it second hand about 35 years ago so I suspect it is close to 40 or 45 yeaars old. Any information anyone can offer would be appreciated. I can be contacted at:
    tuscana25@msn.com Thanks

  30. I have a EMC B350 bass head -w- a matching 2X15 cabinet. Used it for years and never seen a repair shop. I did blow one speaker, but, had it re-coned at a local shop. Would love to know more about this thing, fliers, owners manual, etc,etc,etc….

  31. HI RON! Still could use some help with my Gemini EMC PA head. The amp powers on and just pops and hisses through the speakers. I hate to give up on this PA I have had it since new. The thing has no marks or any signs of wear it is in remarkable condition looks wise. I did come across a Schematic for a PA 350 and would purchase it if I thought it would be useful in repairing my system.
    Does anybody have any idea if they are close to the same? or if any body has any idea what could be a place to start to trouble shot this issue? Sure would appreciate any feed back on this subject no pun intended.

  32. Hi Ron…

    My Gemini EMC PA head died some time ago…I received my EMC PA many years ago…for my first band. I estimate back in ’69, ’70, or ’71. I do still have the two columns…and yes they still work. Someone recently blew one of the 8″ speakers in each column…and I was wondering what impedance and what kind of 8″ speakers to replace them with. Any idea? Thanks in advance.


  34. Does anybody want an old EMC B350 bass head? It works okay but has a slight hum and some hiss….but then I guess all the old discrete transistors were noisy back then. Shoot me an offer. BTW I am in Seattle. Thanks!

  35. David, Hopefully the shipping doesnt kill the deal… I really want it being a EMC guy and a bass player!

  36. Sleumas, I’m going to try and track down an old band mate who might still have his columns. If so, I will pull a one of the drivers and run some tests on it, and see if I can cross it to something contemporary. My guess is EMC probably went with something fairly generic like Eminence rather than a 100% custom design, but one never knows. (I used to live in speaker valley… 4-5 manufacturers made baskets, cones, voice coils, spiders, etc, and sold the bits to the big name speaker guys… its amazing how many options there are, even for something like a spider!)

  37. Butch, I made a deposit on a Gemini PA head a couple weeks back, just need to go pick it up (in amidst schedule conflicts and snowstorms). My game plan is to reverse engineer a comprehensive document package, annotated schematics, BOMs, mechanicals, pcbs etc. I believe the PA350 uses similar output modules as the Gemini, but the IO and preamps would likely be different. When I get my Gemini, I may be able to wip out some quick and dirty diagnostics that may be of more benefit than the PA350 schematics.

  38. TJ, I spent some bucks on the vintaxe site, and they do mention your amp… but its not a whole lot of information, and the scanned brochures vintaxe displays are in pretty low resolution. I asked vintaxe for permission to use their images, (even offered them a tidy sum of bucks too), but apparently they are not interested, being they never responded back to my emails. If you want some info, you could certainly buy a month of viewing privileges on their site, but I dont think its too worthwhile. I’ll keep on looking myself.

  39. Kitty, The G250 dates from the early-mid 70’s so 40 years old is about right on the money. As far as repair goes, you need to find a guy who does component level work, rather than the board replacers who predominate the industry today. They are out there, but typically do a bad job of advertising, as word of mouth goes a lot farther than purchasing ads.

  40. Attempting to do a full restore an EMC Aries 1X15 w/horn combo. Really could use a schematic, manual and any other docs available or even a photo or two of the power board. Perhaps someone could help?
    I’ve got two (2) fried resistors, the values unreadable so it would be great just to know the color bands (photo).
    There are EMC schematics for a price and I’ll gladly pay, but none titled Aries. Was there another model that used the same power board, perhaps the 150?
    Feel free to email: scottmo1560@earthlink.net I’d really appreciate any help available.
    And by the way, to test the spkr & horn, I drove it w/a Crate GFX-212(SS)using both a Fender Jaguar & Strat. The cab was a massive improvement over the Crate 2X12. Very unique, esp w/the Jag.

  41. The Aries, Sagitarius, Leo, Gemini, and others? predated the change to the number series, ie B110, G110 etc. My best guess is these models were built in the very early 70’s. As far as whether other EMC schematics may prove helpful, its tricky as the power modules evolved over time, and I know of at least 5 different models. There may be more.

    That being said, if you shoot a photo of the circuit board you have, I might be able to tell which module board it is, and from there, we might be able to cross reference to a number series schematic. I’ll also go dig up some of the Aries info I have and see if it gives any further info.

  42. Ron in regards to the Gemini Pa head. I would very much be interested in anything you can come up with to get my Pa head running. I would be willing to pay you for your trouble. I have had the Pa head since new I really miss the old girl. E-mail me when (if) you have anything up date what ever I am hungry for information. Thanks contact me swinglebutch@Hotmail.com

  43. Ron I have an original sale pamphlet listing several EMC amps Gemini and others I can get you a copy if your are interested. Its a small orange like color pamphlet. Let me know.

  44. Hello all – I am coming late to the discussion – I have an EMC Sagittarius amp head that I’ve had since the late 1980’s when I got it used from a local music store. I remember thinking it sounded not so great even then, but maybe it wasn’t in the best of tune. I put it away thinking some day I would do something with it. If anyone has literature on it, that would be very helpful, especially schematics or other service info.


  45. Hello Dave!

    I’m in the midst of reverse engineering a set of schematics and service literature as part of fixing Butch’s Gemini. If EMC followed similar practices in the early years as they did post 1972, its very likely the Gemini, Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius shared a lot of commonality.

    Sound quality is a funny thing. I saw an ebay posting where a fellow is trying to sell the same make and model as my first bass… for upwards of $2000. I never thought it to be all that great, now I’m going whoa, I should configure it back to stock and see what the deal is. Teenagers assume newer bits are always better… my buddy wanted a new Fender Twin in 1977 rather than his 1965 model).

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