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There are 3 ways you can hire me. First for short term asap solutions, I offer fire of the day service. For longer term solutions, I can be hired on a project or milestone basis. For large or long term projects where an entire team is needed, that option is available as well. Contact me for details.

Fire of the day

Fire of the day (onsite solutions, prequalification required)

Fire of the day (asap solutions via phone, prequalification required)

Fire of the day (asap solutions via IM)

Fire of the day 24 hour response via email

The vast majority of fires of the day can be handled quite economically via 24 hour email response. Yet, I also realize problems can occur nearly anytime day or night, thus, expedited premium service is available. Prepayment is required for all fires of the day services, except via special arrangement.

By the project/milestone

For projects lasting more than 24 hours, or those not requiring immediate response, projects are run on a time and materials basis, or where possible to estimate via fixed bid either to completion or to a given milestone/phase. Standard payment terms apply.

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