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So I ordered Mark Batterson’s “Wild Goose Chase”

I received an Amazon gift cert last year, and have been waiting for the right book to use it with. Normally, I pick up used narrow market theology texts for pennies on the dollar, but the WIld Goose Chase sure looks to be something well worth buying new, especially with a few other things going on.

In the past couple weeks, there has been a real mass of book reviews on the Wild Goose Chase, an amazing example of viral promotion, which I will share with author friends. Having read close to 20 reviews, I had a pretty good feel that this book would be good. Then add in the free chapter available, and the decision was made.

One super cool review was on MMI, what I found especially cool was the discussion on the theology of the text. Some very good comments were made, both pro and con… Its not a hard core theological text, and some liberties with scriptural interpreation were made, at least as alleged by one commentator, and the resulting discussion proved very fruitful. Not only as concerns the text, but also Biblical interpretation.

Yet another factor was Fr Keefe’s homily where he talked about Jesus sending out the 12, and when a call is presented, how we should respond. It tied in very much to “no longer walking away when God opens the door”, ie, when the door is opened, God will provide. The waiting game until everything is they way “we want” is not how God works, and that He provides. That really resonanted with Mark Batterson’s description of the cages we put ourselved in.

In addition, the books discussion of being dangerous for Christ was pretty applicable. Prior to my resignation, falling into a status quo modus operandi was always a concern. Stepping out, and starting online interactive ministry, is scary. Opening up small groups for recovery over a range of non-mainstream topics takes me out of my comfort zone as well. Yet God doesn’t call us to a place of safety and status quo, but to reach out to to the world. It is going to be in an interesting time for sure.

Lastly, one of the super cool things I saw in the blog carnival reviews, was that the books were always passed on to others. I actually have a fellow in mind, and if he has not yet read this… he will be getting it next. If he has, I’ll run a blog comment contest such as others have done.

no longer walking away when God opens the door

Over the years, God granted me a multitude of choices to follow him, or to do my own thing. Up until a couple years back, I’ve pretty much followed him a bit, and then decided whoa…. I think I’ll do my own thing. Sure, I prayed, and consulted what many consider elders. Yet, ultimately mammon won out.

In the late 80’s a couple mid level Christian bands needed a bass player to go on the road. At the time, I had a ton of CM connections, and I was getting calls to go here and do this, or go there and do that. Sadly though, the life in CCM, at least for a sideman is one of poverty, unless its a huge act, and even then, unless one does a lot of studio work, its a difficult life. Thus, to those who can do, I greatly admire. As such, I turned them down.

Then a few years later, a friend was starting at a new ministry in CA, and wanted me to go out there and help him get rolling. This while tempting was a bit problematic, as I was an ultraconservative at the time, and he was a moderate liberal. Probably he was then where I am now lol. And while we both saw this as a wonderful oppurtunity for service, I wasn’t sure I would be 100% behind him on this. Thus, I ended up turning that one down too. In hindsight, I think it could have been a great oppurtunity, but alas it has long passed.

Over the years I filled in here, or did that there, and nothing really ever came of it. I took pre-seminary course at the U, taught sunday school, did the youth ministry thing as time permitted, but over time, slowly kept walking away from the open doors.

Sometime around 2004, I made a conscious decision that when God presents an oppurtunity, I am not going to say no. If he wants me somewhere, thats where I’ll be. If he doesn’t, it will be made clear. I was open to his leading…..

So now, I write rules and policy as part of a large internet ministry. Call me Moses, I am not a writer, nor even much more than an arm chair theologian, yet amazingly enough, God gives me the word to write, the voice to resolve conflict and to minister. There is nothing scarier than when its 3AM, and no one else is around, and effectively, folks come to you for answers… and in many cases, the answers you can give are not the ones out of your policy manual, the theo text book, nor any text book for that matter. Yet, it seems listening, scripture, and prayer go a long way in helping folks along the path. God’s word does not return void. It is amazingly cool!