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Christian Radio Good or Bad

For years, I listened to Christian Radio. Back in the 80’s, I was a lab tech as well as a lineman at the airport, and I spent a lot of time traveling back and forth from class to work to class to work and so one.

A few years later, I worked at a Bible Camp, there too, I listened to Christian Radio, although I must admit the mix in Northern Wisconsin was a tad bit different than what I was used to.

And then I moved to Iowa, and we had no Christian radio whatsoever. The stations were just too far away, and as time passed, despite having moved, and worked a number of places, just never tuned in.

Well, last night, I was out doing errands, and I flipped on the dial, and sure enough, there was a Christian radio station. I’d listened to them on and off, but never really actively listened.

Sadly, it was if a new and different gospel was being presented. One so shocking, and so far away from the teachings of Christ, I couldn’t believe it. My first inclination was ok…. maybe a preacher was having a really really bad day, but the more I listened, the more convinced I became that what he was saying, was truly what he believed, and it pervaded his message.

Then I had to step back and think on this a bit. Somewhere through all of the wrong theology, and all of the hate, there is a man, who probably at one time was a devout follower of Jesus. Yet, he let the worlds culture wars get in the way of his devotion, and let them win to the loss of the Gospel.

Despite the fact that evil entered in, God’s word was being preached. The words of a man, while being heretical in and of themselves, are no match for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and scripture was indeed being read. The commentary while out in left field is easily dwarfed by the word of Christ. As scripture says, it will not return void.

I take solace in that, and that ears may hear the good words of our Lord, and that the words of the errant preacher man will indeed return void such that Christ is glorified. It is not the messenger, as it is the Word of the Lord.

Glory and Peace and Honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The radio station will be getting a letter Smile