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Dr Don Shaw on Christian Unity

I read a newspaper column written by Pastor Don Shaw where he talked about measurable success in ministry, and its an absolutely fascinating article… but alas it deserves a much longer entry than what I have time for today, thus I’ll jump on that next week. 🙂

In part of researching for my own writings, I thought I’d do a little digging and see if I could find any of his sermons online, as he sure sounds like a real cool guy, with a ton more history and experience than he readily shares. (He appears exceedingly humble) And sure enough, I found one last night at a church he visited. Sure wish he had a blog or podcast though, this guy is way cool


I listened to it last night, and have been taking notes on and off, as there is just so much good material. Granted as a Lutheran who leans emergent, our beliefs are going to be somewhat at odds since he is a conservative Baptist. Otoh, like many of the pastors I listen to with differing beliefs, there is a ton more common ground than not, and what he had to say as concerns Christian unity was amazing.

He started out this section discussion eschatology… and something we all agree on, well somewhat short of full preterist views, is Jesus will return. Beyond that, we run into headaches with premill, amill, and posmill viewpoints, but ultimately we agree on Jesus returning. That is where unity can be found.

And this is his premise, and I think its pretty cool…

Iif we are to die on the hill, it better be important to
The Gospel

Its well worth taking a listen, this is one smart pastor with a ton of wisdom and experience.