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The Conservative Argument FOR Net Neutrality

The Conservative Argument FOR Net Neutrality | Christian Coalition of America.

Free markets and traditional values are the twin pillars of conservative thought. Ronald Reagan embodied both of these beliefs, and was a master at promoting both of these ideas. However, Reagan fully understood that a reflexive anti-regulatory, pro-market ideology does not always promote the core values of decency and family that are at the foundation of the conservative movement. He believed these ideas must exist in concert, not one at the expense of the other.

Corporate America has one priority: to maximize profits for their shareholders and executives. This is a noble and worthy goal, and has served our country and society well in terms of allocating resources and goods in a productive and rational way. A rational allocation of resources in a market economy is desirable in many ways, and markets unleashed from regulatory burden is usually a given.

Despite holding views antithetical to the Christian Coallition, they have this one right on the money. Financials as a #1 priority are often at odds with deceny, free speech, and even more so ministry.

If something like net neutrality were to fail… only the big dollar outfits and their associated theology would be allowed to operate under a pay for play model. The last thing we need is internet communications dominated by a focus on the family pov, or on the other side of the coin, perhaps the dominant view would be of a non-Christian religion. Its hard to say, other than as the article states, it would be a windfall for pornographers. Diversity is indeed key, and whether than includes Islamic, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or other faiths, or holds to US evangelical views, or the views of reconciling in Christ ministries, is not the issue, as much that all can have a voice, without having to pay so much to play, they can no longer continue.

Granted, someone running massive pipes of video and distributed servers such as what was done for the Olympic streams will have a much higher outlay, than the 50 member church running a weekly vlog… but that up to a certain level, things best remain neutral so all can participate, and diversity of faith, morality, and life online can continue to grow and prosper.