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Quotes and writings of the past

A cool quotes from Anders Nygren on unity

Of unity in general:…..”The Gospel is so exceedingly rich that no section of Christendom can claim a full and exhaustive grasp of its richness. One church has grasped more of it, another less. One has penetrated to the central things, while another has remained to a greater degree at peripheral points. One has grasped one side the other another side. In this respect the churches can learn from each other and help each other to arrive at a simpler, richer and deeper understanding of the Gospel (N.L.C. New Bureau Release, June 30, 1947) ….

A cool quote from Martin Luther (commentary on Gal 5:11)

So do not be surprised or offended when hell breaks loose. Look upon it as a happy indication that all is well with the Gospel of the Cross. God forbid that the offense of the Cross should ever be removed. This would be the case if we were to preach what the prince of this world and his followers would be only too glad to hear, the righteousness of works.

Martin Luther

commentary on Galations 5:11