Diehard is a Christmas Movie

So @EdStetzer has been saying Diehard is not a Christmas movie… and after enough argument, he put a poll together to see folks thoughts. While the poll isn’t over, the results so far are interesting.

Poll on whether DieHard is a Christmas Movie or not. It is a Christmas movie by 63% when this image was captured.





I always considered it a Christmas movie, mostly because of Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis”. Since I was such a fan of the tune, I’d get raised eyebrows from my late wife, albeit we both enjoyed the Die Hard movie itself.

Granted, outside of the music, and maybe the decorations, I’ve often thought Die Hard to be an escapism sort of movie, similar to the Hallmark movies etc. It doesn’t deal with hardcore themes, its merely extreme escapist fantasy… At least that’s what I thought until I came across “Why you are Dead Wrong About Die Hard… and Christmas”

Some interesting commentary from the author @Bert_Fulks 
“All over the world, Christians celebrate Christmas as the day of Jesus’s birth.  The very foundation of Christianity proclaims that Jesus came to set the captives free from evil (Luke 4:18); to fulfill the Law (Matthew 5:17); and to offer himself as the groom who risks everything to rescue the bride (a biblical metaphor for restoring mankind’s relationship to God after Satan severed that connection)

If you’re a diehard Die Hard fan, you already see where we’re heading, because it should be obvious.

Its a really cool post, and the themes he pulls out of there are mind blowing… including a reference to CS Lewis. Its a must read!

And that’s the thing… so much of Christianity is boxed into the scriptures that we don’t make the connections to the obvious, even when they are right in front of us. This one really caught me off guard.  I’ve got a lot more understanding towards the folks who missed the obvious in this.

Claremont UMC Nativity



I wish I had an idea how to address the aforementioned disconnects.


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