Podcasting #walklovedo Interesting Coincidences

When I first put a podcast player on my phone, I spent some time searching out local church podcasts. Its sort of nifty to meet folks and say, oh hey, I listen to your church’s podcast. The sermon last month on ABC was super cool and this can bring about some really nifty discussions. I’m guessing that it could also be a form of pastoral encouragement if said convo’s ever make it back to the pastor at hand.

Anyhow, there was this cool podcast about church as a practice room some weeks back. As a bass player, this was an interesting thing to ponder. It hit home again as I was listening to pastor Craig’s podcast on the drive home on Sunday where he was talking about church and growing in Christ. (Both subjects of which I will dig into another post) I wanted to go back and find that church as a practice room podcast. And while it was one of the main things I remembered, it wasn’t the title of the podcast episode… so I figured I’d likely not come across it again.

SoundLokSIR6 1920x1100

For last nights commute, I thought it might be interesting to listen to some podcasts from folks I met at #walklovedo so I pulled up Pastor Karyn’s church… She got all the ducks in a row for us musicians and even played flute some of the time on Saturday.

Well… it turns out church as a practice room was hers!!! Talk about an interesting coincidence.

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