The loss of Christian consciousness in the US, is it public schools?

Periodically, I see the following meme circulating around on facebook, or something like it as quite a number of folks are detecting things are amiss.

school lamb

Being it was a battle between Christians that brought about state supreme court rulings keeping the scriptures out of schools, I’m not sure how having the govt taking care of Jesus words in Matthew 28 (making disciples / teaching them to pray) would play out across a diverse body of Christ.

Beyond that, I find it especially interesting, that the pivotal state supreme court ruling which removed the scriptures from the public school (which has been referenced a whole multitude of times in faith and school legal proceedings over the last 100+ years) included the following from one of the judges.

The priceless truths of the Bible are best taught to our youth in the church, the Sabbath and parochial schools, the social religious meetings, and,
above all, by parents in the home circle. There, these truths may be explained and enforced, the spiritual welfare of the child guarded and protected, and his spiritual nature directed and cultivated, in accordance with the dictates of the parental conscience. The Constitution does not interfere with such teaching and culture. It only banishes theological polemics from the district schools.

And yet, many persist in blaming public schools for societies ills… I just saw this one today.


Out of the 15,000 secular hours, which appears is on the high side of things for most states (6.5 hours a day, for 180 days a year, for 12 years), how much of it truly is ungodly? I mean, math, art, English, history, science etc are neither Godly or ungodly, they are mere tools to prepare the young to go out in the world. Perhaps even more so, the focus on critical thinking in many of the common core standards is exceedingly beneficial in an individuals faith walk… albeit perhaps less so in a pastor-centric theology as contrasted with a Biblical one.

Granted, for those who ascribe to a young earth view, the teaching of evolution will be problematic, but that is is only a very small part of the 15,000 hours, perhaps 300-400 hours tops in general science and biology classes.

And for those who feel anything other than abstinence-only sex ed is ungodly, less than 20 hours on average are devoted to sex ed over the entire K12 curricula.

Literature can be an area of concern for some Christians, but again, we’re talking about a relatively small percentage of hours, as controversial literature generally doesn’t show up until the later years. As such, I’d estimate this at 200-300 hours tops.

Bottom line, out of 15,000 hours of secular education, there is at best 750 hours of instruction where some Christians might consider such ungodly.

During that same 12 year interval, said students will be exposed to 30 plus weeks of Sunday school at one hour a week for 360 hours of instruction. 52 hours per year of Sunday services which equates to 624 hours, plus if the parents are committed to Christian ed at home to the tune of 2 hours a week, another 1200 hours of home study.

Now, if said students are only coloring pictures of Noah’s ark, or in later years just watching videos in Sunday school, then yes they are sort of doomed before they start…. but that is the fault of the church, not the public school.

The only area where public schools and Christianity seriously run into one another is in the arena of extracurricular scheduling and the loss of Christian privilege. It used to be that Wednesday or Thursday was a designated church night, and schools would avoid stepping on the churches toes. Today, in many locations, kids programs run every day of the week, including Sunday during worship time. I often remember seeing the soccer fields jammed to capacity on my travels from church to church on Sunday morning… but parents can drive school schedules if they desire, or they can place Sunday church as a higher priority than soccer, or they can engage with worship on Saturday, or some other day as well.


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