A New Normal… but no idea

So, I had a long convo with an old business partner/friend. It was good to chat through things in a way where brutal honesty rules and no punches are pulled. That’s one of the cool bits about business… when decisions drive finance, you can’t beat around the bush or you will loose. Beyond that though, we’ve both been through the rough and tumble over the years, so despite hard core candor, there is never any question as to ones support for one another on either side.

So… the obvious, “yep, you gotta figure out a new normal, but what that is, I have no idea”, and of course, neither do I.

But one of the critical bits was… “our world is one of no excuses. Granted, this is an exceptional time, but sooner or later, the excuses have to end, when is that going to occur?” Nothing like not pulling punches LOL, but he is right on the money with this. It would be all too easy to dick around for a very long time and then extend it some more. Such would not be cool.

Obviously grief gurus tell you that timing is not predictable, and each person has to work through things on their own time. One challenge, especially for the businessman, is that the rest of the world doesn’t stop just because ones own personal world did. A second challenge is that jumping in too soon can put others finances, and in the case of engineering, potentially life at risk, so that’s not cool either… but it can also serve as a barrier from jumping back into the fray too. Such was ultimately what my buddy was getting at.

The other thing he brought up was my lack of confidence. Yep, there are times when grief stops me cold, or impairs decisions… but for much of the time, at least at this point 4 weeks in, its not happening multiple times a day anymore. Its now coming up on 10:30PM, and so far today, I may miss it entirely. Yes!!! but no doubt I’ll pay for it tomorrow. Alas, identifying the problem is often times a big step in solving it, so at least we have that.

Alas, neither of us are into random plodding along, a game plan, even if it might well fail is needed…

So… You need to go on vacation!
Um, I don’t do vacations
Well, I don’t either

So, that doesn’t work too well, but the concept of a massive stimulus out of my element to clear my head, followed by jumping back into a safer area is really the key… the stimulus bit is the challenge. If this were early May, I’d go spend a week or two doing Bible camp prep somewhere, its not so much out of my element as much as its massive isolation combined with massive workload for a week or two. Alas, being its coming up on memorial day weekend, the logistics sort of kill that idea. There’s also the issue of a boatload of aviation coursework I’ve got to get done before June 1… so that adds another layer of complexity too. Alas, one way or another, I will have a game plan before June 1… even if its crazy stupid and failure prone.

So then its like, so what are you going to do with all the medical stuff you picked up over the years… good question, as at my age, med school is not practical, being I wouldn’t start making decent money to pay off loans until I was retirement age. Sort of wish I’d pursued the DO thing way back when, but it is water over the dam. As such, this is a good question… but the opportunities are limited. I’m not sure the PA thing is a good route to follow with my science and independence focus, and nursing is out of my scope.

A good conversation, more questions than answers, but its all good.


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