Its been 3 weeks

Today, its been 3 weeks since my wife passed away. I’ve started to blog, and then shut things down so many times… A large part of it is due to how scrambled my thinking is. Ie, its near impossible to write something that doesn’t ramble on or venture into multiple non-related subject areas.

Otoh, if blogging is to be a healing thing, rather than a communication method, adhering to the protocols and such ends up being more counterproductive than helpful… add in that I don’t have a huge following, chucking the rules aside, and writing for the sake of writing is the path I think I’ll take… but for how long remains a pig in a poke.

I’m also going to bring up some of the unfinished, or unthought through posts from the last 3 weeks. In googling around, it seems there is very little for folks dealing with the initial stages of loosing ones spouse… likely as its just freak out time. Well, it is… but maybe some of this might help someone, maybe making it public might help me somehow, or maybe its just cluttering up the blogosphere…

Grief sucks

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