Movies and Boring Scriptures

In a lot of ways, it seems it would be easier to preach “The Force” rather than Christianity. The cultural backdrop is more widespread, significantly more unified, and the message is a lot less subjection to corruption. Its a rare person indeed who doesn’t make an immediate positive connection with “These are not the droids you are looking for”

Thinking a bit more about movies, someone on FB made a comment about the huge interest in “The Conjuring” $41 million in its first weekend…

Its easy to say matters of faith and entertainment are very distinct from one another. This line of discussion isn’t meaningless, some might even say its irreverent to discuss them on the same page. Yet, within the Star Wars framework there are a number of parallels to matters of faith. Within the “The Conjuring” even more so depending upon ones reference frame.

These films are not successful as they are merely forms of entertainment, but that they trigger something within making a connection wit their audience in some fashion. They are making connections to cosmic issues (fictional or real) greater than the life experience of individual viewer. Sadly its pretty rare to see a similar spark fire up as concerns the stories and lessons within the scriptures.

The thing is, those Bible stories and such are bigger than life,  whether one is a Christian or not, but they often get framed and sanitized so as to be family friendly and not to offend puritan morality and/or open the door to really uncomfortable questions. This framing is a dis-service, as it moves the huge big deal stuff of the scriptures for all, into a nearly exclusive domain of puritanical religiousity.

Is it any wonder kids get jazzed about the movies, but not so much the scriptures? Granted, parts of Ezekiel 23 are likely to inspire much interest among the younger crowd, lasting long after a given Bible study… but the parental pushback might be even more intense. There obviously a balance to be found… but  bottom line the scriptures should not be boring.


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