An anti safe approach to the future!

I came across this blog entry tonight, and was blown away. This fellow observes great opportunties ahead, and I think he is right on the mark. This is the time to step up to the plate, and throughout his post he mirrors a common theme, dont be safe, dont be timid, dont be fearful, step forward and get going!

The following final quote from him is pretty powerful

Most of all seek God’s Word for his loving example and the ways that Jesus expressed his love to us. Take a risk, give something up. Stop being so safe and get out there and get your hands dirty for Jesus.

3 thoughts on “An anti safe approach to the future!

  1. Eh. You will find not that love waxes cold because iniquity abounds, but rather that iniquity abounds because love waxes cold. Nobody gets their hands dirty anymore. People would rather go the Pilate route and wash them.

  2. Sadly, you are all too correct in the Pilate analogy… Its certainly easier to wring ones hands than to jump in and get dirty. How best should we address this?

  3. No idea. Been too often on the receiving end to be truly objective about this sort of thing. Maybe the answer lies in realizing that when you get your hands dirty getting all tangled up in someone else’s life because God sent you there, and you have no qualms about making that known to those you “reach out” to, you might want to stop and consider that whatever else might be going on outwardly for them, they take that very freaking seriously, and subsequently giving up on them, dropping them like a disease or throwing them away will be very literally to them just like God doing so, and it does not matter whether they seem open to God or hostile to Him, it will still register that way. Maybe becoming aware that if you have in mind to “reach out” to others in any capacity, it stops being about you getting validated for doing so and starts being about them and their needs — or else don’t flipping go there. But therein lies the dilemma — perhaps people HAVE started doing this and have simply concluded they cannot “go there” as a result. Maybe they DO count the cost and decide it too high. It doesn’t know … like it said …been too often on the receiving end (the one betrayed and abandoned and discarded — or just blown off and written off as a lost cause from the get go and in some very loud, concrete, blatant terms at that) to be truly objective about this OR to have a clue what fantasy outreach would look like.

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