ELCA task force on sexuality Whats with the blogosphere and obscuration

So, I’ve been persusing blogs on all sides of the ELCA’s task force recommendations. A somewhat recurrent theme seems to be long drawn out entries, almost white papers. Granted, its a complex and lengthy document…. but when one brings up 10, 20, or more points of response within a single blog entry, its a bit of a bear to disect. On the other hand in doing so, there is an element of protection; ie its hard to gang up on an author when they have a fire hose of shooting out. Being one in the past who always volunteered to jumped into the fire so to speak, I’ve made good use of datadump obscuration. Not so much as to avoid criticism, but if I’m going to have a few hundred to a few thousand folks ticked off at me, I’d rather have them ticked off on 50 different matters than 1 or 2.

However, I’m going to try to go the other way, short of this post where I’ll ramble on a bit. I really want to come to some conclusion. As I wrote before, I dont have an opinion , and now a year and then later I still dont. By the time I get through this series of blog entries, I hopefully will have one. Its not that I’d be voting or anything, but what the document if fully implemented could do is put a congregation, a synod, and a bishop in the position to make some difficult decisions. As such, I ask myself, what would I do? What if I were a Bishop, and was presented with such? What would be my decision, such that I could sleep at night? Creating such a hypothetical, albeit impossible, situation, puts my skin in the game. It makes the task force recommendations real, not just a academic third party thing where i sit as an outside observer.

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