15 Sunday morning rambles

1. When writing an extended paper defending a theological position, don’t make a major error in the 2nd paragraph of the first page. It kills credibility fast. I’m sure I’ll do the same, or have done so and dont know yet… but still, EEK

2. If guest preaching, know something about the host preacher. Ie, Billy Sunday condemned tobacco at Charles Spurgeon’s church, apparently not aware of the man’s love for cigars.

3. I always wondered why the ELCA seems to emphasize parts of the Book of Concord more so than the others. Its historical. Many early Norwegian Synod Lutheran churches were not aware of it in its entirety. (and even if they were, they might have selectively disagreed with parts of it, some churches were really close to reformed theology)

4. There were folks called anti-Missourians in the mid 1800’s, yep the disagreements among Lutheran has gone on for a long time.

5. Some how or another, in pre-internet, like 150 years ago, folks all over the midwest had serious theological arguments. Its not unlike an online theology message board, just a lot slower. Folks had to really think things through, as you couldn’t just pound on a guy 2 minutes after he said something. How the average Joe on the street became so interested in Christiological matters is fascinating. It was said it was via newsletters and such. Today we have email… but egads, if I did a newsletter covering a small section of Christology. I’d probably have zero subscribers. They had whole multitudes. Gotta learn more on this.

6. Small towns in the area were chosen for major theological conferences. It just seems hard to consider that today, when everything is in Chicago or Minneapolis. Back then Kenyon, MN Rushford, MN and even Roland IA, were where huge issues where discussed. Thats cool!

7. I have a hypothesis as to the secondary effects of an over emphasis, or worse a solitary emphasis on the penal substitutionary theory of atonement.

8. Always frustrated with spell checkers in that they don’t have theological words in their dictionaries.

9. Thinks that if one is writing about anothers faith practices, it should be confirmed by a few first hand witnesses. People mess up their own explanations of faith all the time, to say nothing of occasional errant teachers, and its worse when such are propagated as truth by others outside of said faith practice.

10. Todd Rhoades is pretty funny when he says “When did we lose sexy? Where did he/she go? And how did the church find him/her?” And of course, the comments trail took off in another direction for a bit, but they are still worth a read.

11. Major bummer on loosing Grace Matters from SDS News. First Issues gets cancelled last spring, faith stories last summer and now GM, radio ministry is taking some serious hits.

12. Great news… but Ken is ambiguous, we shall be in suspence… wonder whats up at 63ft and 100Watts! (I checked the FCC database for radio stations, it would be cool if they return!)

13. Pastor Alan’s John the Baptist impression was ubercool. Just wish he would put that photo on his blog, although Tommy and I both thought he should eat locusts and honey. 🙂

14. This afternoon, I need to add more to my blogroll. Pastor Eric’s The Heart of a Pastor is way cool… he is in SW MN, I may need to expand my geological place holder, as I haven’t found any more faith blogs in Southeast MN, and statistically, there should be a lot, but google is not friendly on geo search it seems.

15. Almost wish I were back doing the youth ministry thing… got some cool ideas for text messaging as a youth group activity. Sort of running with the  Lent on Twitter idea, combined with an occasional shot of Graingers live interactivity during youth meetings, and then some type of group collaboration afterthat. Maybe I should open source it.

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