Notes on Original Sin

Its interesting to note the variances on hope original sin is portrayed across denominational boundaries… It seems very difficult for folks to accept the loss of free will, and there is a ton of wiggling to try and include it somehow. There also seems to be a lot of wiggling around how bad folks are… ie we are not all that bad… and babies are not bad either ?????

This is pretty bizarre imho, as it seems so very clear, but it is very hard to hear too. More research will be needed.

Paul III Council of Trent-5

The council of Trent is fascinating, albeit the section below seems on pretty shakey ground. But then what would a Lutheran say in these matter? We are called anathema 🙂

If anyone denies that by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ which is conferred in baptism, the guilt of original sin is remitted, or says that the whole of that which belongs to the essence of sin is not taken away, but says that it is only canceled or not imputed, let him be anathema.

For in those who are born again God hates nothing, because there is no condemnation to those who are truly buried together with Christ by baptism unto death,[18] who walk not according to the flesh,[19] but, putting off the old man and putting on the new one who is created according to God,[20] are made innocent, immaculate, pure, guiltless and beloved of God, heirs indeed of God, joint heirs with Christ;[21] so that there is nothing whatever to hinder their entrance into heaven.

But this holy council perceives and confesses that in the one baptized there remains concupiscence or an inclination to sin, which, since it is left for us to wrestle with, cannot injure those who do not acquiesce but resist manfully by the grace of Jesus Christ; indeed, he who shall have striven lawfully shall be crowned.[22]

This concupiscence, which the Apostle sometimes calls sin,[23] the holy council declares the Catholic Church has never understood to be called sin in the sense that it is truly and properly sin in those born again, but in the sense that it is of sin and inclines to sin.

But if anyone is of the contrary opinion, let him be anathema.


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