Compline (evening prayer) Services Returning Next Week :)

Next week, we will be bringing the online evening prayer services known as Compline back up. We ran for a number of weeks during the spring and it was well received, but technical failures on my end, and an increasing time commitment over at CF made it near impossible to do it all.

That being said, I am working on some tech solutions, and hope to roll those out in the next day or so for beta testing. In addition, I resigned my position at CF in order to devote more time bringing this live and focusing more on small group ministry. As far as I know, no one else does an online version of Compline which is interactive, nor one that runs 5 days a week. It is a challenging schedule for sure,  but having seen the results from our earlier run, I very much saw God at work. It is a good way to end the day in corporate worship and prayer, even if it is online instead of 3D.

Be that as it may… what we designed is ecumenical in scope, and it brings liturgy to many who may never have experienced such. We did take some liberties, its not an EO, Catholic, or Lutheran service, but carries bits and pieces of each. Its not always contemporary music, some nights we use hymns, some nights we use rock and roll. It can get crazy at times, when one combines liturgical prayer, with the spontaneity of a Baptist or Assembly of God service, where folks jump in with praise Jesus or Amen, but it really is a cool type of crazy.

One of the other things, apart from the tech side, is the timing and scheduling issues… we found that if we say 9, folks show up between 9 and 10. Thus, the start time will be 9:00PM CDT for fellowship, and the service starts at 9:45PM CDT sharp… too many times we blew the start time, and folks had to bug out. I think I got a tech fix for that one too 🙂

More later as I get the bugs out…. no sense letting the cat out of the bag until I know things are going to work… but video will be attempted this week. 🙂

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