mnphysicist’s theological blog is where I discuss matters of faith, life, and theology. I was a co-leader of one of the largest Christ focused message boards in the world (as measured by for quite a while. As a leader, there were just too many times when I wanted to write something, but it just wasn’t appropriate to bring up, and thus while I had a site blog over there, this one stood alone.

I worked in aviation for years, as a college student it was nearly a full time job, and then when engineering became my mainstay, flight instruction became a part time gig. My aviation site focuses on resources for flight schools and instructors, but it may be of general interest as well.

I also teach bass guitar. Back in my younger days, I was a bass player for hire, pretty much any style, and any place I could drive to in under 6 hours. I’ve played in over half the states, plus the UK.