Expansion in 2013

Over the years of running this blog, as well as my others on faith, music, inventions, and aviation, I kept running into problems of what to do with ideas that didnt fit within an existing blog. I certainly didn’t want to add more urls, or even add more wordpress installs for each idea, as before too long, the maintenance of all the sites would be more of a hassle than blogging. Also, being I’ve had far too many writings evaporate when a website ran out of funding, motivation, or whatever, I didn’t want to just throw such ideas up on a third party site only to be lost into the ethernet down the road.

The end result, I’m going to start writing a bit more randomly, but use the wordpress category tags as needed to keep things organized. My apologies to the few folks who use RSS for going off topic… econ and politics will still be here, they are not going anywhere.

Why I blog:

Politics can be fascinating, and commentary is a cool way to meet people and build a network of friends, although granted, there are some crazy folks out there. Its all good for the most part though. Seriously, Barack Obama got me thinking, as well as many others about making a difference. Its one thing to crab to friends and family. Its another to go ahead and step into the fray. Its yet another to put ones name to it. Thus, I’ll be pulling past political commentary I’ve written, and putting it all in one place, rather than leaving it scattered all over with a variety of pen names.

Why blog with my real name, and my business url:

In most cases, this is a way bad idea for a couple reasons. First, anonymity is often a plus, ie privacy concerns and the like. Secondly, politics can be pretty polarizing, and be off putting to potential customers.

Well, courtesy of congress, I’m all over the web in publicly accessible databases (something about flight instructors being a security risk…. and we need to be tracked, go figure). My identity gets stolen every few months. I’d rather stake a claim on the web as to who I really am, rather than what some scammer is trying to make me out to be.

Business wise, I’m for transparency. I don’t want to pull the wool over folks eyes. I have no problems doing business with a neocon, or a liberal, as long as they pay their tab on time. I’d rather folks see me for who I am for real, rather than assuming…. or worse, thinking I am one of the dudes who actually stole my ID.

On the other hand, building a personal brand with ones own name does have a lot of value… and I’d rather be known as Ron, rather than my unpronouceable screen name. (something about missing vowels messes folks up) And being I’m one of the leaders of one of the largest forums on the web my SN has a reputation, my real name is an unknown. I do believe that personal branding is the way of the future though. I could be wrong.

Full Disclosure:

In the past I was a contributor to the AOPA-PAC,┬áMN United for all families and Moveon, plus a few elections. In the event I review anything, I’ll disclose any connection to it. Thats about all I have to say about that… for now anyhow.