A friend told of a conversation she had overheard between a couple guys. One was saying to the other. “So I asked the guy, say a teacher makes *$55,000…would you really want the person teaching your kids to make less?” Such got me thinking a bit more.

Daycare for pre-K children runs around $7800 in Wisconsin. This is what parents are paying out of pocket… just for daycare. When the kids get older and go to school, such would seemingly drop, being the total hours in daycare drops off in a huge way. The thing is, it only drops a bit… $7124/year for children in a family child care home.

If you have 20 children in a daycare, the parents out of pocket cost for to use an after school center would be pushing around $160,000.

And yet, a degreed, and licensed teacher for those same kids gets paid $55,000, and perhaps another $25,000 in benefits for a total compensation of half of what those parents are paying for afterschool daycare.

Should a teacher really be paid less than half of what parents pay for afterschool daycare?

* The actual average salary of Wisconsin teachers is $51,264 via the WEAC. The DPI district data is pretty close to that as well. The DPI median for benefits is $25,800. Thus the total compensation is pretty close to $77,000… even less than half of what 20 parents would pay for daycare.