Proposed changes to workmans comp in MN

Coverage for undocumented immigrants would be cut… Hmmm, so now we have an incentive to hire undocumented immigrants in dangerous occupations. Does anyone see anything wrong with this, apart from the fact unemployment is shooting through the roof? Also, by taking them out of the no fault pool, imagine the legal field day that could be had…(som lawyer will figure away around this in some fashion) I think this is short term thinking with long term consequences.

Incentives for injured workers to waive their legal rights is another proposed idea. On the surface, it makes sense, but it is a no fault pool. The idea is to limit lawsuits… so this tells me the system is not working very well. Ie, an attorney as a rule wont get involved unless its going to pay… So obviously it does pay to have legal representation. Maybe we need to do the same for the no fault auto policies… It sort of takes the wind out of the sails of the whole no fault concept.

What this tells me, is the system is not working… It would be much better to rework the system, reduce complexity, overhead, and increase fairness, such that there would not be any need to cut coverage, or bring in legal representation. Of course that takes time, but to make these sorts of changes on the surface rather than fixing the underlying problems will come back to bite down the road.