Hmmm, a couple hours to check the house for surveilance devices… egads, the info best not be a critical matter concerning national security. That is just not enough time, and beyond that… such a location is anything but easy to secure.

Fortunately, as revealed by the Washington post, the info wasn’t at a very high level.

Dana Milbank – The Secret Is Out: There Was No Big Secret –

From the Washington Post

An exasperated Hoyer sat down. Blunt finally had mercy on his counterpart, and offered some soothing words.

“I have not suggested this is at the top-secret level,” he said.

The secret was out! The man who requested the secret session in the first place finally admitted he had no big secrets to divulge.

Well, there is a difference between top secret, and secret classifications…. and there are compartmentalization programs within the top secret classifications, with everything pretty much operating on a need to know basis.

Thus there is a level of spin involved in this, the big question, is whether the modest amount of additional info is enough to convince the House to amend their bill, or perhaps increase their resolve. My guess is it likely will be the later, rather than the former. Certainly, if the info was mission critical information, it would not have been prudent to bring things about in this fashion, ie, 2 hour prep time, 1 hour discussion, followed by voting tomorrow.

I think David Obey probably said it best.

“I was here for the secret sessions,” countered Rep. David Obey (D-Wis.). “And given the mumbo jumbo that I heard,” he added, the main purpose was “to demonstrate the total uselessness of secret sessions.”

Of course, the results of tomorrow will be telling, I may be wrong.