Webpages with Zero Meaningful Content

Webpages with zero meaningful content

This is a beef of mine. In the early days, one would often come across these “under construction” graphics, or links to pages with zero meaningful content. Now, it seems they have been replaced with zero meaningful content, but with advertising, or pages, primarily used to game the search engines.

I have always tried to stay away from such pages. Yet, when doing a top down design, it is often difficult, not to just put in header pages with zero content, for organizational purposes. This is one of the key reasons I chose a wiki format for this webpage. The architecture is dynamic, and thus there really is no need for zero meaningful content.

However, I am going to break my rule of thumb, and thus create one. The intent is not to lead people astray, nor game the search engines, but rather, serve as my scratch pad and web page todo list. I’m finding I need a wiki webspace, to keep track of ideas and concepts, rather than keeping it on the desktop, or in google docs. Ie, the intent being, that as an idea is developed, the subpage goes live, with the addition of wiki tags, rather than a cut and paste.

I think there is a way to set up my robots.txt page to disallow access, as I do not want robots indexing it, should some webizen happen to be searching for a term, and then be aggravated when they come up with a page with zero meaningful content. Until I figure this out, my apologies for anyone that comes across it.

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