What I do

I’m an analog designer first and foremost

Even the most digitally based system depends upon analog inputs or analog outputs of one type or another. As a highly experienced analog guy, I can get your signals safely into the digital domain with a minimum of fuss and headaches. My specialty is sensors, but I also do some work in audio, and RF. On the digital side, I have over 30 years experience with embedded microprocessors, albeit my focus is 8 bit devices.

I also focus on manufacturing processes

Did you just get your first pre-production order, or production order, and you find the yields are not what was expected? Do you have an ongoing quality or process problem. Tech firefighting may be in order. No one wants to be in that situation of course, but it happens, and with the economic downturn, its likely to happen more and more as upfront spending is reduced. Let us help get you back up and running.

I can get prototypes and arrange for low volume manufacturing just for you!

Through a team distributed across Southern MN, NE Iowa, and Western WI I can get prototypes and low volume production of nearly any product off the ground in short order. We have a significant amount of automotive, tech, and craft business in the area, combined with a very independent work ethic; the cottage industry and industrial skunkworks albeit hidden away from every day view is alive and well. Everything from mylar overlays, to machined parts, to leather goods, to injection molded parts, to thermoformed parts, to electronic assembly can and does happen on a near weekly basis. Granted, the CNC folks generally dont like to run one off parts, but if it means excess capacity is being used, they are more than happy to run them. Its very much the same with the leather goods manufacturers. For a while I was even getting parts anodized at one vendor, and other parts vacuum plated at another, all in the same day to finish an assembly. Its all a matter of scheduling combined with personal connections with the go getter type folks to make things happen.

Because analog is cool!