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Why I chose dokuwiki for my page

I actually debated on how to set up my webspace. With my other web pages, I typically use a CMS, and while those are incredibly cool. Yet they are not simple to jump in, create content and jump back out again. This is especially the case, should one want to dynamically organize a website as it evolves. For example, on my flight instruction website, I already knew the categories I wanted, and the focus each category should have. On this is a bit more challenging.

The intent is to showcase some of my groups technical skills, with white papers, blog entrys, and also serve as a sounding board for ideas which don’t fit the inventor or hobbyist mindset which I present on and

The difficulty is that we focus in a lot of areas as we bring a product to market, or solve production problems. For example, as process troubleshooters, it would be easy to create a whitepaper on temperature control of surface finishing processes, or another one on the dynamics of thermoforming, or even tweezer welding. Yet, we could also look at product development from the standpoint of prototypes, feasibility studies, Beta testing, or even product management.

Now, the marketing side of me says whoa….. you idiot, focus, focus, focus, and key your marketing to your focus. That certainly is true for marketing purposes. There is a certain lack of credibility that occurs when you see a group advertising they do everything under the sun. We don’t, being a small team of experts, we can’t, and there is no way we are going to promote ourselves as such. But we do have a very diverse technical skill set, and we have connections with a wealth of others.

As a result, the wiki format allows me to focus pages on discrete sections of product development, and/or process troubleshooting, and easily evolve the main pages to direct our clients to the needed area, without coming off as an outfit that does everything, but is a master of nothing. As a result, people looking for a specific section in a search engine, may well find a key whitepaper that is helpful to them. Yet, if someone goes to the homepage, more than likely, they will see our focused areas of specialization, rather than the huge knowledge base that exists underneath.