World Vision Blow up and People of Strong Faith

Its really not about you. There are people of strong faith who had significant heartburn over WV’s decision to change their employee agreement to provide for local church autonomy as concerns same sex marriage. There are also people of strong faith who applauded WV’s decision and were dismayed at its reversal.

The issue of whether SSM is aligned with, or counter to the scriptures is not the big deal. The issue of whether the ancient creeds of the historical Christian faith have been cast aside to the point that SSM is a bigger deal than the trinity is not the primary issue at hand either. This is not to say such is not important, especially over the long haul, but they pale in comparison to something else right here, right now.

The big deal today is the weaker brother and sister as well as those who were trampled upon.

Folks comments on Christianity Today ventured into the domain of the darkest corners of the internet… I’ve seen more of the light of Christ coming from 4chan members than from CT.  Others noted this as well.

The most disturbing aspect of this is the folks in tears over loosing their faith. It is a tragedy.

The brood of vipers behaviors actions appeared the last straw for many. One person said, “I was hanging onto Christianity by a thread, its now been broken”. There are many similar stories, and no doubt even more that will never be known. I think such is quite likely destroying the work of God which Paul preaches against in Romans 14.

It didn’t need to happen this way…

Certainly Pope Francis is no advocate of SSM, but his approach is one of pastoral sensitivity, not of do a little evil that good may come. Even his statements concerning civil unions while very much supporting his church were of a pastoral nature rather than condemnation.

Our own Pastor Nadia, in her no-nonsense manner stated the following after the WV reversal.  “I’m very disappointed, but still happy to support their work. The critique of pulling support for charity due to an employee hiring practice I disagree with has to cut both ways or it’s bullshit.”

The fire, brimstone, brood of vipers bloodbaths that went on this week are a negative witness and counter to the Good News of Christ… who would really want to be a part of that? The actions done in the “name of Christ”, no matter which side one is on are repulsive. Imagine how folks would feel if rather than SSM, this was an issue over divorce or remarriage?

We need to pray for the weaker brothers and sisters who faith was destroyed or nearly destroyed this week. We need to pray for GLBT-Q folks, both celibate and married for healing and ask for forgiveness.The hatred and vitriole WV employees have experienced this week has to be incredible demoralizing and they need prayer as well. Lastly, we need to pray for those who whom WV serves… imagine being a teenager in an impoverished country and hearing about this?

People of strong faith, its really not about you.

*My general comment policy is to allow all comments, short of spam which I can readily identify and/or excessive TLDR. For this specific post, any comments relating to SSM from other than a pastoral nature will be deleted. There will be no blood bath, brood of viper, or related garbage on my blog, no matter how well you feel its supported by the scriptures. All other comments are welcome.

4 thoughts on “World Vision Blow up and People of Strong Faith

  1. I suppose as you feel inclined to protect your blog, this means you hold in disdain those Christian viewpoints which do not conform to your own narrative in support of SSM. Be as it may, you are neither the judge nor the final word on this controversial matter. The Bible clearly does not support this conduct, and one cannot twist scripture to allow it. All of the church leaders in Christendom, from the Apostles to the street corner evangelists, to the martyrs and in every denomination….never brought this idea up or entertained this modern notion advanced by this carnal culture and supported by apostate churches like ELCA and other liberal bodies. You may delete this if you wish but you cannot delete the truth of God’s word on such a matter as the right interpretation of marriage.

  2. I have no problem with theological debates, its only when they cross the line to the point of trampling over God’s people that its an issue. While I’m not keen on the ELCA being called apostate, its really not that big of a deal.. I’ve dealt with much worse LOL

    And yes, I am no judge of this one way or another. I spent over 6 years studying it prior to CWA09. I dug into the Greek, bugged theologians and pastors on both sides and when all was said and done, I was as nearly as clueless as I was when I started… other than it was a great review of long unused Greek coursework.

    In a nutshell…
    1. The one man one women thing short of tradition and tribalism is pretty iffy, as we have tons of marriage constructs other than one man one woman spread throughout the scriptures. There is no way around this without serious picking and choosing.
    2. The Leviticus texts are easy to dispute, as its picking and choosing to the max in light of the rest of the text.
    3. The Romans text is trickier by the segmentation of Chapter 1 and 2, but reasonable people could disagree on this. There’s also the issue of historical context, natural function and genetics but again reasonable people could disagree.
    4. The Greek-English translation of Paul is exceedingly troublesome due to compounding and extremely low usage, but again reasonable people could disagree. (My pastor and I could argue round and round on this for years and never resolve it.)

    Bottom line for me, there is not enough evidence to be convinced one way or another. Beyond that though, there is scripture as a whole and an issue of pastoral balance.

    We allow for divorce, other than the narrow Biblical view for good reason. We allow for remarriage, when the evidence against doing so is much much greater than there is against SSM. Are such behaviors sinful? I think they might be, but I’m not sure… I think that’s an issue for the individual to work out with prompting from the Holy Spirit.

    That being said, there is no way, no how, I’d ever tell a divorced person that their remarriage was sinful and against the scriptures, especially in light of Paul’s statement that its better to marry than to burn with passion. I held the same view as concerns PALMSGRs at CWA09 and today as concerns SSM.

    However, if one holds marriage out to be a sacrament, tradition has to play a much larger role than the scriptures alone. In that domain, short of the Pope and Bishops making changes on par with the world no longer being in the center of the universe supporting SSM would seemingly be impossible similar to their views on remarriage. Not being versed in cannon law, I’m not sure if they could even make such a change even if they wanted too.

    Bottom line, I hold no disdain for opposing viewpoints, my pastor and I have been at odds with this for years, but he totally rocks in every other area. My beef is with the do a little evil that good may come, the ends justify the means, or whatever form folks use which destroys the faith of a weaker brother or sister…

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. You should listen to your pastor as he is telling you the clear and simple truth based on God’s word. Your elaborate explanation above does not substantiate or support any position related to SSM. Neithet culturally, theologically, nor spiritually can one defend this conduct. If a “weaker brother” as you describe it, is caught in this besetting sin and wishes encouragement as a requirement from other Christians, are we to abandon righteousness to make the weaker brother or sister feel good about themselves? Is this how we explain right and wrong in our contemporary churches? And yes, by its teachings and distinctives, I would still consider ELCA an apostate church body, progressive indeed, but not Biblical, and certainly useful to the carnal appetite of this society.

  4. WHoa, something threw up with the comment system and put this in the mod pool. My apologies for that. I’ve got a software bug and I must have hit the moderate all flag while I was testing things. (The gravatar functionality still doesn’t work right).

    As far as clear and simple truths go, we have the two greatest commandments, and anything much further than that and its not so simple anymore. Certainly the first ecumenical council is a clear truth, but considering how many folks get the trinity wrong, observation suggests its not simple. Even the teachings on salvation are anything but simple, as Pelagius and semi versions of his teachings run rampant today. There is great diversity within the body of Christ for just about any issue much beyond the Apostles Creed… with each tribe saying their specific doctrines are clear and simple truth.

    As far as my above explanation goes, it’s a super condensed summary of my own multi-year study including numerous talks with theologians on both sides. It was not intended to be rigorous or even convincing by any means, but more so to show the variances in positions. If you want great detail, its pretty easy to find resources on both sides of the equation.

    My pastor rocks, but he is not infallible. Paul talks about being like the Bereans, to see if things are true, and also to studying to show oneself approved. Alas, when folks study, its quite likely they will run into issues where they disagree.

    As far as the weaker brother goes, I think we have a misunderstanding. The vast majority of folks in the aforementioned faith crisis’ are not gay. The issue driving them from faith is the hate and vitriole from individual Christians over the WV employee agreement. I’ll go back to the examples of Pope Francis and my pastor, neither supports SSM, but there is no hate coming from them either.

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