The Sower Goes All Over

On the spreading of God’s word and the parable of the sower. Some bits from some sermons.

If the Sower is walking the hard packed road, is not the fertile soil farthest away, farthest away from the Sower and most reliant on the wind of God’s Spirit to carry it aloft and home to the good ground? Rev Gene

Seed eating birds are not the end state, they drop seeds all over, often on better soil, bird seeded mulberry bushes show up everywhere. Pastor Steve

It is as if the sower got on his John Deere, hooked up the Model SS10B Broadcast Spreader, and before he even drove out of the barn, pushed the PTO button that started the hopper spinning. As he drives to the field, seed is slinging everywhere! On the driveway, in the grass, bouncing off of passing cars, whizzing into the weeds on the side of the road, and finally – finally – as he drives into the field, the seed flies where it’s actually supposed to go! Tragic_Pizza

Some obervations from my garden:

Soil turns into a hard pack where nothing will grow if you follow the same exact samepath all the time. Such is advantageous for weed control. It is probably less so a good idea when it comes to spreading the Gospel.

Areas of minimal soil are not forever, quick shoots die off, and eventually turn into compost, which is uber fertile, but the wind blows it everywhere.

Thorns and vines are fleeting deals… they are there for a seasons, and they die, and new ones often return to take thier place. Gaps between growths do exist for a time. I’ve used this for automatic weed control, by planting corn, beans, and squash together. Likewise, I now have some volunteer tomatoes and a raspberry vine in my strawberry patch.

The parable brings home the radical idea to plant seeds everywhere, let no spot be left unseeded… even the spots off the beaten path.

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