Be carefull this book is very very

expensive, is what the librarian told me, when I picked it up as an interlibrary loan. She told me the replacement cost was listed as $900.00!!! Ouch, I will protect it as if it was gold LOL

My guess is, someone messed up data entry, as Amazon has it for $9.99 and google books has a version one can read online.

Either/or: The Gospel or Neopaganism
Either/or: The Gospel or Neopaganism

I’m looking forward to reading Either/Or: The Gospel or Neopaganism, albeit I am more than a bit concerned with what the solitary reviewer on Amazon has to say.  If the book were not from Braaten and Jenson, I’d almost expect as much, but then again, their stature raises the bar quite a bit. I guess once I get through it, I’ll make my own judgement.

Either way, I’ll handle it very very carefully. No way can I afford $900 to replace it. 🙂

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