Why all the outrage? Do some not see the problem with the status quo, and the major crash and burn we are looking towards? Short of the most isolated individual, I dont see how anyone can view todays practices as sustainable.

I think what it comes down to is morality. Even the folks who say ethics and morality have no place in the healthcare debate, actually are ascribing to a set or moral values, albeit differently than others.

Some guys at the University of Virginia proceded to break down morality into 5 areas, harm, reciprocity, ingroup, hierarchy, and purity and then see where liberals and conservatives lined up. Upon initial observation, as well as discussion with a number of others, I think they nailed it.

There premise is that liberals uphold 2 of the 5 areas, where as conservatives balance out all 5. Granted, no liberal just holds to 2, nor does a conservative view all as 5 equal but the statistical groupings are very strong.

Now, when you put a liberal and a conservative in the same room, they assume a similar reference frame common to all when they start to discuss… but thats not the case. In short order, they end up thinking each other is on another planet and could well be delusional. Things often spiral downward, and from there, what might have been good ideas from both sides, end up buried in noise and overly simplistic sound bites.

Some statements demonstrating this:

Liberals say, what about the least of these?
Conservative say, why should i pay more in taxes to help out someone else. they need to be responsible, plus they already can get emergency room care if need be.

Liberals say, what about Joe who lost his shirt in the market, his pension, his insurance, and his job in the autoworld?
Conservatives say, thats very sad, but what about my family, what if they dont get as good a care as they could have, being I’m taxed to pay for someone else?

Liberals say, what about grandma who has cancer, and cant afford a cadillac medicare supplement plan, and thus many life saving treatments are not affordable?
Conservatives say, thats sad, but she does have a low cost option available. What about my nation, what if we dont have as much investment available to make progress in curing cancer.

Liberals say a single payer solution would solve much of the problem.
Conservatives say, what about the loss of jobs in insurance, and medical administration areas. What about the loss of investment power when you politically kill off the insurance industry. What about the massive wealth behind the insurance industry that would be destroyed.

Liberals say, what about the homeless man on the street who needs dental work
Conservatives say, why should I help out a guy who cusses and spits at me?

The end result, the liberal thinks sacrifice, both personally, and nationally is acceptable in order to help the least of these and often views the conservative as greedy and selfish. The conservative, while compassionate for the poor, admits some sacrifice will be needed, but views the liberal as bankrupting the nation, and lowering the standard of care for his family, plus finds it anathama to help out folks who wont help themselves.

The end result, liberals focus on minimizing harm and fairness. Conservatives balance harm, fairness, ingroup, heirarchy, and purity, which in health care often leads to an economic focus, more so than the narrower focus of harm and fairness. Both proceed to dig in their claws, and instead of working towards a solution, bash on each other.