The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment

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I must admit, other than the TV ads, I had no idea what this was about so I did some digging. First I went to the above mentioned sites home page, It was a little [...]

Socialized Life Insurance

U.S. Mulls Widening Bailout to Insurers –

Go figure… life insurance companies made bad investments, and now want in on the bailout too… but they also do not want to fess up to their precarious financial position, and thus want govt to socialize the whole industry so as not to give competitive advantage to [...]

Looks to be an Albatross on the way

Reviewing Minnergys SEC filings

This looks to be a deal not unlike the VC world of 10 years ago, ie throw money at anything with a dotcom. Granted, had this business been proposed some years back, I think they may well have been onto something big… but alas, at this point, the corn ethanol economy [...]

Ten men in a bar, rewritten to encompass todays economy

A friend sent me the 10 men in a bar story to show how progressive taxes as well as increases are damaging to the economy. Being I strongly disagree with such a model, I rewrote it and sent it back.

Increasing taxes on the rich?? Here is a twist on that to think about.


So speculation is not the cause of high oil prices????

I was taking a look at the week in petroleum this evening, and its pretty amazing. I pulled a few of the graphs to see how supply and deman influenced prices, or not.



The greatest demand was in July-Aug 2007

Demand at the peak of US gasoline prices in 2008 [...]

The subprime primer…

Business American Style – Upload a Document to Scribd [...]

Who put a halo on Norm?

I just saw one of Norm Coleman’s commercials and went ouch… they must be in cost cutting mode, as the media quality was subpar and then some. They used a green screen, and a profile shot of Norm talking, rather than an on location shoot. Well, they messed up. Norm got a halo. Granted, that [...]

Check out your bank! FDIC: Institution Directory

FDIC: Institution Directory

Its interesting to take a look at ones banks financial situation… actually quite fascinating. Of course, the difficulty for those of us not in the banking realm is how to interpret the data. Certaining non-performing assets are a key factor, as well as the change in non-performing assets over time.

Lace Financial [...]

On the bailout plan… protect mainstreet

So Tim Walz voted it down Monday, and we called over to his office to say thank you. Its not that something needs to be done, but the bill as written is so full of holes it would appear one could sink a battleship.

The bill is really complex… egads, I spent an hour reading it, and [...]